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June 1st, 2020

If you’re finally moving forward with plans to renovate your kitchen, you’ll want to have the experts working alongside you. We can help install a cabinet set that will have the heart of your home looking great in no time. With custom cabinetry in Portland, you’ll be eminently pleased with the results.

Our employees always pay attention to the finest details, which means you can expect the proper measurements to be made at the outset of the project. The goal is to choose cabinets that have the proper dimensions so that they fit in well with the decorative scheme. We’ll double-check the measurements before the actual craftsmanship begins.

We want you to choose a material you personally love. Oak, cherry, maple, and even magnolia are excellent options. You can examine wood samples beforehand to make sure you are picking the variety that will work best in your kitchen.

We can create cabinets for other rooms in the house as well. If you are doing a complete renovation of your bathroom, then you will, of course, need an action blueprint. A set of nice bathroom cabinets will offer storage space that was not available previously.

We’ll provide you with a written price quote as things are getting underway. This way, you can set up a budget and stick to it, which will be key to your overall economic situation. Our quotes are in line with others in the industry, but we are also completely dedicated to each and every customer. This makes us your best option.

If you are ultimately looking for some custom cabinetry, you can’t do any better than our company. We’ll help you select a project scope and settle on a design, which may include a number of different wood types as well as a range of ornate flourishes. You’ll love the way your home interior looks when all is finished.

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