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September 2nd, 2020

For many people considering a new, custom-built house or a major renovation project, the updating or choices in the kitchen are more important than those of other rooms or areas. In part, this is because a family often spends more time in the kitchen than in other parts of the residence. You want every part of the room to fit your ideas and preferences, in style, workmanship, and appearance. Choosing the services of our custom cabinet designer in Hillsboro helps you to get the kitchen you have dreamed about. Here are some reasons why Pacific Cabinetry should be your cabinetmaker of choice.

If you choose big-box type cabinets, you may discover that they don’t exactly fit the dimensions and the layout of your renovated space. You may end up with unusable space or awkward corners where nothing is accessible. Cheap mass-produced cabinets are often of inferior quality and don’t hold up well to moisture, humidity or even energetic cleaning and cleaning products.

With our custom craftsmanship, we can provide the options in design that you want. Maybe you want your cabinets a little higher or lower than standard. Some clients want a place to store seldom-used items. Others want to display their prized collection of Grandma’s wedding china where it can be seen and enjoyed. We can accommodate any design that you can dream.

We can incorporate preferred woods or other materials into the finished design. Some cabinets may be special because of the wood that is used, due to its appearance, density, color or even sentimental value. Our cabinet makers are skilled at bringing out the beauty of the wood and the hardware that you choose for your updated kitchen.

Pacific Cabinetry & Design will work with our clients to ensure that the finished kitchen is exactly what you have seen in your dreams. Whether it is special wood, hardware, colors or other elements, we have the skills to accomplish the project.

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