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May 27th, 2022

A comprehensive facelift to your old cabinets can improve the overall look of your kitchen and save you the cost of acquiring new cabinetry models. Simple modifications can breathe new life into your kitchens if the strength and basic structure of the cabinets is intact. Working with a good cabinetry designer will enable you get your dream cabinets, especially when on tight budget. The rest of this discussion outlines the sure ways you can upgrade your kitchen with reliable Cabinetry designers in Vancouver WA.

Introduce Colors

You can easily upgrade your cabinets and add cheer by infusing some doses of favorite color into them. Demarcate the sections in a kitchen where you want to introduce the color and we shall help you choose what matches with the prevailing theme in the room. We can guide you on choosing a laminate for custom cabinet designer in Hillsboro that goes well with the existing colors in the current cabinets. Our designers may also advise you to try matching and mixing looks by choosing textured laminate sheet instead of plain options.

Eliminate Some Overhead Shutters

Remove some overhead shutters from your cabinets to clear the monotony that comes with opaque cabinets. Our highly experienced designers will create open shelves to upgrade the appearance of the kitchen by enhancing openness. They also create additional display space for your favored kitchen crockery and accessories.

Introduce Backlighting

Reliable designers can help you install under cabinet LED lighting to add style and warmth into the kitchens. Installing quality lighting under the cabinetry in Portland improves the overall appeal in the kitchen by increasing brightness and offering sufficient lighting for your food preparation. Contact us for the installation of such lights to your new cabinets or after a cabinet overhaul.

Change the Hardware

Replacing the old handles and knobs with new models is the easiest way to make the kitchen cabinet doors appear new. We install sleek designs in silvery finishes such as stainless steel when you want sophisticated and modern looks. Choosing stainless steel gives you the most affordable and strongest material that is highly resistant to rusting.

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